EXTERRA Japan COVID19 Guidelines

XTERRA JAPAN 2022は新型コロナウィルス感染症の影響で下記の対応と対策を取って運営をいたします。

1:XTERRA JAPAN 2022の参加募集は新型コロナウィルス感染症の影響から日本国内在住の方のみとします。








TERRA JAPAN Marunuma 2022 takes actions and measures below under the influence of covid-19 infection.

1:Entry for XTERRA JAPAN 2022 is limited to people residing in Japan.

2:When you enter into Japan please obey the isolation measures along with Japanese 3:Guidelines about effect of covid-19. (If you would like to entry from overseas, please contact management office because we do not know how the covid-19 situation changes until just beginning of the race.)

4:There are cases in which the race may be cancelled. Decision can be made just before the race due to covid 19 effect if the state of emergency is issued by Japanese and local government.

5:Elite race(Marunuma) has been cancelled because elite athletes cannot enter Japan freely which is unfair.

6:At the avenue, please wear mask all the time during any non-competition activity.

Please be aware of social distancing always.

7:Please frequently disinfect your hands.

8:Please do not participate if your temperature is over 37.5 degree Celsius just before the race.

9:Thermometers are used at the reception in the race day or one day before the race day. If your temperature is above 37.5 degree Celsius, you may not participate. Even if you do not have a high fever, we may ask you to refrain from participating in the race based on advice from the race medical bureau.